Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekends: My greatest enemy?

Oh lordy.

I really blew it this weekend. I should be ashamed. Wait, scratch that, I am ashamed. Not only that, but I dearly paid for the consequences of my high carb actions over this fine weekend. (As in, our toilet paper budget will need to be adjusted up a bit.)

Now, what happened?

I really am too embarrassed to admit to my full roster of dietary crime. But let’s just say this weekend involved a plastic one-gallon tub of ice cream. You know, the cheap kind. The cheap kind that tastes like I’m taking a glucose tolerance test.

(But I blame the back-to-school season. And the tax-free holiday. And Office Depot. And the weekend.)

Damn you, weekend!

Weekends, whilst most certainly welcome for the most part, are typically the root cause of any nutritional downfall I may have. My schedule during the week is regular. I wake up at 7:00 AM, cook some jowl bacon and eggs or steak (or both). After I eat breakfast, I pack my lunch (steak and eggs). After work, around 6:30 PM or so, (if I’m hungry) I eat a meaty dinner. I’m typically so preoccupied with stuff during the week that food is just to prevent hunger pangs.

But weekends. They are a problem. I get bored on the weekends. I do work Saturday and Sunday, but irregular hours. It is retail, so it’s not very feasible to insist I am scheduled at the same time every day I am there. I go in. I work. I go home.

At home, I’m sittin’ around, with nothin’ to do. Maybe I’ll go jogging. That helps, but in Georgia in August it’s a pretty stupid idea to do that for longer than 45 minutes.

The gym? That’s air conditioned! Let’s go there! Oh wait, everyone else north of Atlanta has the same initiative.

I need a hobby. Or, I need to revive a long dead one. I think I should go buy some art supplies.

I know! I’ll design a logo. I will draw….

I will draw the Happy Low Carb Taco.